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Sr. Scientist, Immuno-Oncology Bioinformatics


1. Perform analysis of tumor genomics datasets (e.g., large-scale omics datasets including RNASeq, exome and whole genome sequencing, single cell sequencing) and derive meaningful interpretations for novel IO drug discovery

2. Develop computational models and build tools to enable data-driven target discovery and patient stratification for new therapeutic indications

3. Collaborate with other bioinformaticians, cancer biologists, immunologists, to identify gaps between data from clinical samples and pre-clinical models where bioinformatics and visualization.


1. Ph.D. in bioinformatics, computational biology, cancer genomics or similar with 5+ years of industry experience.

2. Expertise with a high-level programming language such as R, Python or Perl for complex data analysis and reproducible research practices.

3. Demonstrated ability of contributing to multi-disciplinary team projects. Mastery in integrating and analyzing diverse high-dimensional, omics data sets relevant for immunology and oncology.

4. Capability to conduct systematic analyses to evaluate multiple hypotheses and prioritize clinically-relevant questions.

5. Strong communication, data presentation, and visualization skills.

Sr. Scientist, protein engineering(Immuno-Oncology)

Main Duties and Responsibilities

work on a variety of cutting edge projects at the interface of protein engineering and immuno-oncology based on GV20’s in-house novel IO drug discovery platform. 

1. Effectively collaborate Oncology group, partner lines, CRO and academic to advance portfolio projects.

2. Identify and implement methodologies to enhance cell-line, antigen, and assay functionalities.

3. Apply molecular and cell biology techniques to design and generate transient and stable cell-lines using various techniques including lentiviral transduction and CRISPR

   Supervise research associates and/or scientists

Essential Requirements

1. Ph.D. and postdoctoral work in Molecular & Cell Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry or similar fields with 4-8 years of post Ph.D. experience

2. Experience in protein/antibody engineering and functional assay development

3. CRISPR and lentivirus experience desirable

4. Demonstrated ability to work in a multidisciplinary biologics discovery team

    Excellent communication skills (both written and oral) with capability to work both independently and collaboratively 

5. This position is located in Shanghai, China.

Biologist, IO drug discovery


1. Lead biology efforts to advance projects for pre-clinical and clinical studies in novel IO drug discovery based on GV20’s in-house novel IO drug discovery platform

2. Utilize expertise to independently design, execute and analyze in vitro and in vivo experiments to support the project transition and investigate the immunology mechanisms.

3. Explore, develop and apply novel preclinical assays, screenings and tumor model systems to identify new immune-oncology targets and understand in-depth mechanisms.

4. Supervise research associates and/or scientists

5. Effectively collaborate Oncology group, partner lines, CRO and academic to advance portfolio projects.

Essential Requirements

A PhD, or equivalent experience, in immunology and/or immuno-oncology.

1. Experience of a range of in vitro skills analyzing human immune cell function e.g. multiparameter flow cytometry, ELISA, primary immune cell co-cultures, molecular biology skills including transcriptomics, assessment of intracellular signaling and generation of engineered cell lines

2. Strong interpersonal, influencing, negotiating and collaboration skills together with evidence of having used these to support problem solving and delivery in a team focused, collaborative environment.

3. Depth of understanding and enthusiasm for immunology and immuno-oncology

4. Proven track record of success in your research

5. Data processing, statistical analysis and interpretation.

6. Experience preparing written scientific reports (e.g. manuscripts) and oral presentations (e.g. slides, posters).

Desirable Requirements

1. We would encourage applications from you if you have experience in immuno-metabolism, myeloid biology and/or bioinformatics (e.g. experience with transcriptomic data, visualizing/quantitating multi-parameter flow data).

2. Experience working with patient-derived tumors/TILs an advantage

3. Knowledge of the processes around drug discovery

4. Publications in top tier scientific journals

Sr. Scientist, Immuno-Oncology


1. Develop and execute efficient strategies for target identification, prioritization and validation based on GV20’s in-house novel IO drug discovery platform;

2. Implement novel pre-clinical therapeutic antibody drug discovery and development programs in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

3. Collaborate with CRO and academic partners to advance drug discovery and development programs and including IND filing.

4. Initiate and maintain productive collaboration with other scientists to reach the project milestone and overall drug research activities.

5. Demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving capabilities and contribute to building a culture that embraces continuous learning and improvement.


1. Highly motivated PhD scientist with 2-5 years of industry experience with strong publication record.

2. Solid background in cancer drug discovery and recognized as a technical expert and competent scientific contributor.

3. Advanced scientific knowledge with excellent technical and problem solving skills.

4. Good interpersonal skills with the ability to interact effectively with people, internally and externally is required.

5. This position is located in Shanghai, China.

Address:Room 801, 781 Cailun Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China
Address:One Broadway, 14th floor, Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA